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4) Mg, will be looking forward to your range experience tomorrow. BTW, "little EVIL" isn't the rifle that has the Red Dot on it that "Lost Zero" is it?
It is the very same one . I will also be testing that red dot out as well . I plan to leave it on the gun all day while I do a bunch of rapid fire and I may even bang it around a llitle . I will let you know how it goes .

As for the sight on my ruger . It's
When I got it in the mail it had some scratchs on it and amazon gave half my money back so it cost me $18 and it works great . At ten yards I can put 10 shots through a dime size hole .
As of this date 8-18-14 at 6:42am I became a proud grandfather I guess I'm officially old

I hear Glock just came out with a new pistol . I hear it's a tribute to the senate and the house of representatives . It's called the congressman . It hardly ever works and can't be fired .
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