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I am like a broken record singing the praises of the PX4, but since it was solicited, I'll offer. My PX4 .40 Type F fullsize was my first-ever pistol. Roughly four years and three months later, it has yet to fail me after what now must have exceeded 4,000 rounds (I stopped counting precisely shortly after 3,000). The recoil is smooth and easy, the gun is comfortable in the hand, and everything is made with solid quality. Accuracy is also superb. The gun has quite frankly spoiled me rotten.

It's sitting on my nightstand with a TLR-1 and a magazine full of 180-grain Speer Gold Dots. I have no doubt that if I needed to fire it right now, it'd perform with its usual boring reliability.

I think the current prices for them are an absolute steal. About $400 on Bud's Gun Shop. I think it's easily a $500-550 pistol in quality, with a low price only because of slower sales, and it has - for me - outperformed guns in that price bracket. With a lot of time with both, I'd take a PX4 over an XDM any day (with no disrespect to that platform). The only gun I've had a good amount of time with that I liked equally was Smith's M&P40.
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