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maybe not undergunned, but the LEO in question would be stuck with five to seven rounds, an average semi-auto double stack hold anywhere from twelve to eighteen, that more than double. The LEO would be reloading while the BG is still shooting, or reloading at a faster pace, in theory. And LEO's, based on statistics I have seen on TFL, aren't the best at hitting things.
So your answer is to be able to "miss more" with the semis............not sure the general public who are in danger of all those missed rounds flying around would agree.

Its not the 6 shot revolver that makes you "outgunned" its the inability to hit your target that makes you "outgunned".

One hit with a revolver beats the heck out of 15 misses with a semi.

Never been a fan of the "spray and pray" theory.

I'm sure we are all tired of hearing this, but apparently some haven't got the message:

First, no need to shout.

Second, I never condoned spray and pray, I said with police accuracy statistics, a semi is probably better for the job.

Third, what the heck does it matter if you can feel safe with a revolver, I have no experience with one, and I decided that a semi auto would better suit me if I were a LEO, so I said so and stated why.

Oh, at Nanuk, I sensed a hint of condescension when you said, 'than again, I train with my guns'. You realize I am a thirteen year old who just happens to really, really like guns, right?
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