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Currently I have three single stack 9mm's...a Colt Combat Commander from the 70's, and a 1911A1 full size Colt, Series 70. While neither is 100% reliable, (no gun is if we're being honest), either is good enough in my experience for CCW. I had a Browning Hi-Power 9mm for part of one tour in Vietnam in 1970, that was as close to 100% as possible...I carried with confidence for 9 months in that God-forsaken hole, but never had the occasion to use it in anger. I do have another 9mm single stack now that rotates as one of my CCW guns...a Sig P290 that's been very reliable....but the best of the bunch is my wife's Glock 19 that's put 1200 round down range now, in a year and a half, with zero malfunctions. HTH's Rod
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