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So your bragging that you had to ship back two firearms? From the same manufacturer none the less.
lol thread will be locked in no time.

Hey man, I really like my Taurus 94. I heard that their auto models arn't the best, but the revolvers are pretty good. I have nothing against Taurus, every company has its lemons, maybe some more than others. Thats why I would stay away from those compaines when picking a SD carry gun. But for plinking/fun at the range, why not.

The only auto that appeals to me from Taurus would be the poly 22lr cal. I mainly like the fact that make decent 22cal revolvers in snubies that are DA, at a good price. S&W is like $700 and Ruger offers the LCR-22 which is DAO.

I have no problem recommending them, but others will say otherwise.
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