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Later, I subjected the Wolf 154 grain soft-point to the same test. The result looks much more like what we expect from a big-game bullet. The recovered slug expanded perfectly, and weighs 146.5 grains. If you looked at the jugs that were hit by the FMJ round, you will have a picture of what the Wolf did; except that the Wolf load launched both caps about 12 feet straight up in the air. It also fully penetrated both jugs, and bored straight into the phone book about 3 inches. It was apparent that this bullet bored true, and did not yaw regardless of what it encountered. This would be my preference for a hunting round in the 762x39.

For an idea of how they all shot from this rifle, the below target was shot from an improvised rest at 100 yards.
Barnaul Silver Bear ball is highlighted red.
Barnaul soft-point go is highlighted in yellow.
Norinco soft-point is highlighted in blue.

Wolf 154, while not included in this target pic, essentially duplicated the blue holes in the target above. It would be my go-to hunting load in this caliber.
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