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Now Im hearing and read some of the reports linked earlier .

Does all this have more to do with older military ammo ? Or are we all just useing mil-surp cus that's were the reports originated ?

Are the newer powders of today just as likey to be compromized long term as the older powders .( all things being equal )

Do all manufacurers of NATO ammo use the same gun powder and are the powders used today the same as the powders in older NATO lots .

ALL things being the equal . If I had 60 year old mil-surp ammo and 60 year old commercial ammo . Would each one be just as likely as the other to be compromizied . Same question but looking in to the future . If I bought new production Federal lake city and Reminton UMC today ( I just picked some brands not sure If it matters ) . In 60 years would it be just as likely they both would be compromized the same .

Can all of the above questions have one answer . ( Generally all gun powders are made up of the same properties there fore they are all subject to the same issues ) .
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