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And, I bet you're scavenging other people's brass. Admit it.
It's true.... IT'S ALL TRUE!! (falls to floor sobbing pathetically!!)

The first time I was like some hen or pigeon following a trial of corn.
Somehow, someone had managed to leave a really neat trail of spent .308 casings on the way to the brass bin (over here the ranges, so far, are such that people sweep up their brass and tip it into a big communal bucket).
Once I reached the bucket, I found myself kneeling down and raking my hands, feverishly, through the brass looking for that familiar profile ("No-NO!! Not another 30-06!!)!
The more I think about it, the more I think it was some kind of candid camera set-up and I'll be on TV in no time.

More recently, I shameless picked up about 40 .38 cases. I didn't even have the decency to wait till their previous owner had left: I was picking them up almost before they'ed even cooled down!! Both the other shooter and his mate looked on, bemused.

But I didn't care because.... HECK THAT BRASS WAS FREE!!! YEEEEEEEHAAAA!

You arent a true reloading addict until you aquire a few pieces of brass in a calibre you dont own
Back when I'd spotted the only locally "affordable" 1911 (a Norinco), I did go througha phase of looking at .45 ACP brass, and licking my lips... Luckily I held back... I'm not thta far gone yet!
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