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The obese fellow behind the counter at my adopted local gun shop. Guy is 6 foot even and has to be pushing 350. I have never seen him wear anything other than BDU pants and fishing shirts.

Case in point, about a year ago I'm in the store looking at a Model 19 and the guy comes lumbering over and proffers his opinion that said gun won't "be any good in a tactical situation."

Dude, I've been in a "tacitical situation", I think, and would have much preferred that Model 19 over my Beretta.

Now granted, on a day to day basis, I look like a frat boy(which I am) instead of a combat veteran(which I am), but newsflash, new war, new veterans, and we tend to be on the youngish side. I snorted my thanks in disgust and left th store.
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