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Just for fun? I'll play. It wouldn't be really an official team because we are the people and not the military, so my take is from a private group perspective.

MOO. (Militia of One.)
BRICK. A group of two, three or more of like minded individuals.
Primary: AR15 or M1A.
Rem 870.
Colt 45's or any service sized pistols of good make and rep.
M1A or AR15 also serves sniper rifle role, if equipped accordingly.
Ammo would be military surplus, or equivalent handloads.
Accessories are quick detach scopes, ACOGs, and enough Mags for a load-out. (210 rounds/7 Mags)

My personal feeling are 3 223's for every 308, for security and supressive fire, which will allow the guys with 308s time to work. The SG is optional and probably unneeded for most if not all of the potential tasks to be done, but may indeed come in useful at times.
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