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Because the cost of going through the process yet again will likely be a colossal waste of taxpayer money
Great point

I'm a contractor and there are a few other things to consider .

If the contract was awarded with out the royalties included in the contract. They would still have to be paid . The taxpayers would most likely get the bill for that aswell .

I think this will really hurt Remington now as well . Now that everybody knows what and how much they bid the contract for . They will in essence now be bidding against themselves . Im sure someone will come in at there original bid price but that will include the royalties .

Thats what I'd do . Maybe even a little less then that just to get the huge contract . I then would make that up somewhere else down the line . I'm sure there will be some sort of change order for a screw , pin , detent and thats where you make up the differance .
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