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FWIW, Wolf doesn't run well in my AR. Starts jamming up by the second magazine. Didn't know better, when I bought it. Brass only, since then.

(As I understand it, the steel doesn't expand so well, and allows residue to form between casing and chamber. That seems to be exactly what happens in my AR.)

But as far as the OP's question, I can't think of any particular Mall Ninja standing out more than others; generally, though, the few who have made an impression claimed to be elite members of elite units, yet they were simultaneously too young and too fat (or, in the case of a skinny one, too obviously off his meds) for their stories to be remotely plausible.

Over the years, I've met enough actual STS, Rangers, SEALS, SF soldiers, etc to be able to say that while they are not cookie-cutter, they tend to have some common traits. Bragging about exploits while shopping in the 2XL section is not one of those traits. One of my best friends back in flight school was a former Force Recon sniper; he was 5'8", 135lbs soaking wet, and taught Sunday school. Unless you happened to see him shoot, you'd never suspect his background - although he was obviously in top shape.

On a side note, probably the fittest middle-aged guy I've ever met was a French para LTC in Djibouti. Guy was 46 years old, and running 8k in around a half hour every other day.

I only know two former SF guys whom I would consider fat, but one of those fat guys benches around 450, and he's pushing 50.
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