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Originally Posted by jimbob86 View Post
And you should remember that you rolled your eyes at the guy's wish to be prepared ....... when Aurora is burning and you can't find any ammo......

I'm not saying he is going about buying ammo in an intelligent way..... but "bottom shelf range ammo" is better than "I shoulda bought ammo"..... IIRC, the last election saw ammo shortages in many places, and price inflation everywhere.... would it be that foolish to assume that this go-round wil be any different (I think it will be worse, myself, as everybody's cushion is a bit thinner, and 0bama would have nothing to lose if re-elected......) I sure wish I had stocked up on primers @ $15/1000 in 2007 or 9mm ammo @ $9/box, because I could have sold them for twice the price 12-18 months later.....

..... At least the "bottom shelf range ammo" will be useful for something besides wallpaper , which is more than can be said of the Dollar, if thing keep going the direction they are, no matter who wins the election!
What makes you think I'm not prepared and stocked up? I'm poking fun at his unsettling, half-psychotic demeanor and thinking he's in the know more than the "sheep" buying ammo in perhaps the worst possible way to stock up in bulk.

Plus, during the 2008 shortage I was just fine for ammo, as my much-maligned .40 S&W was well stocked between empty shelves of 9mm and .45

As a tangential side point, I'm always amused by the folks who have 10,000 rounds stockpiled but have no water purification supplies and don't bother to exercise - addressing a very unlikely risk while much, much more likely ones are in their own bodies.
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