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IMR 4350 temperature sensitivity?

Running 105gr Hunting VLDs over 40gr of IMR 4350 in our youth model 18.5" .243 @ 2700fps. Makes a hell of a 600yd hunting rig . Anyhow just got around to loading again, we initially zeroed in 50F weather, at the end of last winter. Shot in 80F and my initial shot at 100yds was spot on, but a tad high from POA. Then when dialing 6/10ths of a mil for 200yds shots were scraping the top of the steel, and 5/10ths was high on the steel. I'm not ruling out the fact it could be me. I have a hard time shooting this rifle because its just so small. Wondering if my loads are shooting faster than initially chronoed though. I'll have to chrono to find out for sure.

I've gotten mixed answers on the hide, as well as google results. For the most part since IMR 4350 is not one of hodgdon's extreme powders results are saying it's temperature sensitive.
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