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If You Had to Arm an Entire Special Force

If you were tasked with equipping a elite Special Force, similar to the Navy SEAL's, with weaponry from scratch, what would you do?

Here are the things you, as the new armorer, must pick:
Name of Special Force (Optional, Feel free to get narcissistic.)
Primary Assault Rifle and/or SMG
Sniper Rifles/Battle Rifles
Ammunition for all of the above
Firearm Accessories

Here's mine.

Name: SCARF(Special Combat And Recon Force, members are referred to as Scarvers.)

Assault Rifles/SMGs- HK416 14.5", 55 grain FMJ ammo, Blackhawk AR-15 foregrip, Magpul PRS Stock, Blackhawk full length rail covers on sides, half cover on bottom rail, Surefire Micro 5.56 suppressor if needed, Surefire X300. SMG of choice would be MP5A4 with JHP 147 grain +P, Burris FastFire Reflex Sight, B&T suppressor, and surefire forend when necessary.

Shotgun: Remington 870 Marine Magnum, pistol grip collapsible stock, Burris FastFire, Surefire laser on side of reciever, flip up rear sight, front fiber-optic sight. 00 Buckshot

Pistols: HK USP Tactical and MK23, whatever is prefered by the individual soldier, 230 grain JHP +P, proprietary LAM unit, and KAC suppressors.

Sniper Rifles: Remington model 700 .308, Schmidt and Bender 6X Scope, 165 grain FMJ ammo, Blackhawk Bipod and two point sling, Gemtech HVT Suppressor

Battle Rifles: Either SCAR 17s or HK417, either way, HVT suppressor, 165 grain JHP, Blackhawk Bipod and two point sling, and 4X ACOG.

So, what's yours?
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