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If someone w/a Glcok 17 is shooting at me & I'm holding a 1911, I better not be standing there holding an empty gun while they continue to shoot.
If that happens,, then I've screwed up big time.....another 2 or 20 rounds ain't going to make beans worth of difference.
Thats true to an extent . I'm sure there are many ways one could exaust a few rounds of ammo and still need many more . I'm sure there are people out there that have seen . read about or have been in a situatoin that required one to have more then 8 rounds before having to take the time to reload

Example . What about cover fire . If what ever your shooting at is behind cover and you just need them to stay down and not be returning fire so your team can advance . I sure would want my gun to still have some ammo left after 7 or 8 shots .

There has to be a reason why the military uses mags that hold large amounts of ammo . I'm sure it's not just so they have a place to keep it .
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