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While not my favorite caliber, it is a family perennial with both of my sons and one of our wives carrying it. Here's one of my favorites...a 50th Anniversary Ruger Flat Top with some after market grips and a shortened front sight to allow better use of 125 gr JHP's...I've carried this one quite a bit, in fact so much so that the six or eight shots daily I allow myself while fence running have cut down a pesky 6" dia. black locust tree that's cost me several tractor tires flats. (It's the thorny locust type). The grips are from defunct as I understand it.

That said, the best shooter we've collectively got is a 6" barreled S&W M19 that I've had since '73. It doesn't carry nearly as well as this 4-5/8" barreled Ruger. Best Regards, Rod

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