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Revolver is king.

I think we need to inject a bit of humor here.
This is why I carry a revolver with silver bullets.
Reasons are:
1. It matches my white hat well.
2. We know the good guy wears a white hat.
3. You never see a city folk with his six gun turned sideways.
4. It worked for the Lone Ranger.
5. Works on werewolves too. Don't know about zombies.

Seriously though I am packing my .38 M 640, 66 two and a half inch 66 or 3 inch 686. No jams no bending over to pick up brass in the yard and no distraction of watching where the brass lands. A real bad hebbit I have. Like watching coins fly through the air.
All the guns conceal well in Simply Rugged pancakes.
I really don't want to follow LE examples as wasting ammo like in NY is not my thing. After all twitching is not a continued attack when the perp is down for the count.
Steve Bull Parro

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