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My B-I-L had one in .222 Rem, bought in the '70s that was a tack-driver. When he passed away, I had the opportunity to get it at reasonable cost, but didn't want it. Other folks seem to be happy with #1s that shoot 2 MOA.

Traditionalists like Ruger #1s, but I could never warm up to them. Being a handloader and accuracy nut, extraction isn't as strong as with most bolt-actions and the wood-to-metal bedding area seems very short.

Compare that with, say, the Tikka T-3 I just bought that, with handloads, groups under 1/2" at 100 yards, has a 3 1/4 lb, butter-smooth trigger, built-in mounting system, including rings, a detachable magazine and a massive, smooth-working action, costing about $550 out the door. No, it's not as pretty, but pretty is as pretty does.
People are like rifles. Some are tried and true, having great eyes, personality, and fun to be with. Others never seem to hit the mark with you. Still others go off half-cocked. Still, it's nice to know most of them.
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