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What does the Sage go for and what is availability like?

I know is cranking out Blackfeather RSs (BFRS?) at a decent rate and $600 isn't bad but for the price, wait time, and hassle with the ATF I'd rather go with the McMillan MFS-14. I read through the installation instructions and it seems like there's some room for error to jack up my M1A with the BFRS. Correct me if I'm wrong, I've just never tried my hand at any kind of gunsmithing and it seems well out of my comfort zone.

I'll consider the Sage if the price and availability are right and if it falls in the 9.2-9.5lb range bare naked (unloaded, no optics).

I'm leaning toward the MFS-14 but it won't be here in time for deer season and McMillan says the action lugs have to be bedded. It also doesn't come with buffer tube and buttstock bringing the total to about $650 before I take it to get bedded or buy an ARMS mount. McMillan sells a $23 bedding kit but I'll admit I have NO idea how to do this myself. Can anyone educate me on this?

The only upsides I see to the VLTOR now are that it's cheaper, quicker, and easier than every other option but in my experience this leaves me wishing I had been more patient and willing to spend a little more.
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