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Firstly your getting too worked up, you haven't offended anyone. I've had threads with 300+ views and no reply. You just posted this morning, people are busy, give it some time.

As to your question I've heard iffy things on HS. Badger, APA, surgeon, CDI, and Seekins are all good. I chose APA because I like their bolt knob and figured id get them both in the same trip, plus jered is a good guy to do business with. Oh FN is also coming out with dbm.
"Combined synergy of a man and rifle is matchless, the steadiness of hand and acuity of vision, and finally the art of knowing how to make the rifle an extension of the body, all equate to the ultimate synthesis of man and machine."

"Death smiles at us all, all a man can do is smile back."

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