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The first day my parents let me take the 22 rifle out by myself to go rabbit hunting when I got home my dad asked how many rabbits I shot. I said "One." He asked how many shells I had used. I said "Two." He said "You shot 2 shells and only got 1 rabbit?" The next day I went out again. When I got back he asked "How many shells did you use?" I said "One". He asked "How many rabbits did you get?" I said "Two." and held them up for him to see. He never gave me a hard time about my shooting again. He was only joking with me about wasting ammo, but he never questioned me about it again. He couldn't hit a barn from the inside. He wasn't a gun enthusiast. I got the two rabbits with one shot by accident. They were side by side and I only saw one. The bullet went through the one I saw and got the one beside it too. Couldn't have done it if I was trying to.

Another proud moment was when my brother-in-law yelled "Shoot It."(a running rabbit @ about 40-50 yards). I raised my 3" Charter Arms Pathfinder 22lr and put a bullet in one ear and out other ear (of the rabbit not the bro-in-law). He said "Wow. You got it." I said "You said shoot it." as cool as I could. Again, pure luck.
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