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Dahermit, slowly step back from the bench rest standards manual and pop open a beer. It is a deer rifle. And an inexpensive one at that. With an inexpensive scope. Shooting inexpensive ammo. My point here is that it is possible to get good accuracy from basic gear these days. It is a good day to be a hunter or shooting enthusiast.
You guys have missed my point. I wrote a computer program once that printed random shots on a target within a "good" hypothetical grouping capability of one inch. I was taken aback at how often three shots groups were but random chance...all three touching by chance. And the smaller the hypothetical grouping capability, the more frequent the occurrence of a really good three-shot group. On the other hand, with five shots, there was very little occurrence of a random teaser group. Therefore, it is very likely that a single three-shot group does not indicate inherent accuracy of a rifle and posting that group is poor evidence and could be misleading.
My point here is that it is possible to get good accuracy from basic gear these days.
With one three-shot group, we still do not know if it is possible. Did you only shoot the rifle three times? If you shot more, why were those shots not shown also?
Sometimes you get what you pay for, sometimes you only pay more for what you get.
Three shots are not a "group"...they are a "few".

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