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I would have to say my most proud moment for me was about 9yrs old. Me and my dad were our rabbit hunting we were road hunting in moms 76pontiac bonneville. It was cold with about 4inches of snow on the ground. it was getting late and the sun was prob 25 min from going down and we were headed home after bagging about 30 or so rabbits this was one of our main food supplies back then. anyway about 150yards out into this field near some fallen trees i thought i spotted a rabbit. dad said he wasnt sure it was one but to go ahead and take a shot if i wanted. he gave me his gun the 87a have now because was more accurate then mine. i lined up the shot and bam nothing happened he said see told you not a rabbit. I asked for one more shot he said ok but aim about 2inches high this time. so i lined it up again pulled trigger and bam. rabbit jumped once and laid down. got out of car ran and got him threw him in trunk of car and dad just looked at me and told me that was one fine shot. later that wk i heard him telling his friends about that shot and that made me prouder then i can even express because my dad was bragging on me and telling them he was proud of me
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