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How many rounds a month do you shoot. Let me count the ways.

I have a membership to a club range located 30 minuets from my home. Being retired. I've set aside one day a week to enjoy one of my favorite hobby's. And while there are allowed to reload ammo in a facility built to accommodate us members who choose too. Having that privilege not only allows me to fine tune my weapons accuracy. It also increase's the amount of time I spend there. Thus I shoot more. I also rotate my weapons I take along on my range visits. One visit its Center fire Rifle time: 35-40 rds. Next visit it's: 3 or 4 rounds of Trap. Then on another visit I may feel the need to spark-up that Ol' Traditional Smoke Pole of mine. Black powder: I'll will burn thru 1/4 to 1/3 lb of Gorex 2FF pretty easy on a single trip. How many Balls I fire down range? Maybe around>20. Not much interest do I have anymore in handgun shooting. But in saying that. Doesn't suggest in any way I don't know how to use one._
"Any rifle will shoot bullets through the same hole. You just have to be able to see well enough to aim right."
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