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All of those are great ARs to consider . Have you thought about building your own . My most recent build cost just over $1,000

and you can build a basic one for 6 to 7 hundred

. PSA has a very good product .

As for the stock and sight line . I am in no way an expert but its my understanding that the stock is straight because the BCG ( bolt carrier group ) must slide in to the buffer tube ( stock ) In the normal operation of the gun . If it was bent , curved or canted in any way the bolt would not operate as designed . The by product of this design is less muzzle rise .

I to live in C.A. . You can install the bullet button your self . If you live close to a Turners outdoorsman They tend to have sales all the time on ARs
As of this date 8-18-14 at 6:42am I became a proud grandfather I guess I'm officially old

I hear Glock just came out with a new pistol . I hear it's a tribute to the senate and the house of representatives . It's called the congressman . It hardly ever works and can't be fired .

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