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Python Avenger eh?

I inherited this gun from my dad. He got it from a military group of vets he belonged to. He was a decorated Navy Grumman TBF Avenger Radioman/Belly Gunner in the Pacific during WWII.
This group formed in '42 and met at a reunion every 5 years. I think that this gun was made for their 35th reunion, '42-'78. I will check with the Colt MFG. Historian. They will authenticate and tell me who, where and how many were shipped, for a fee.
kjonchef... why didn't you say so initially then???

Because what you have is a priceless heirloom my friend. PRICELESS!

PS what group was your Father in (if I might ask) because that beautiful blueblack snake represents ALL of those Naval Aviators making one hella sacrifice. A Python Avenger... I like it.
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