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Short stroke gas piston operation, a MRBS 3-4 times lower than an M4 and a folding stock?

Love my AR-15, but it will never be a Scar and a Scar will never be my AR-15.
Look At a p415, 9,000 rounds full auto without cleaning or lubrication and no gun related failures. There is a side folding stock adapter for the ar-15. I have also seen them fire filled with mud, sand, and water without any failures personally.

By no means am I saying that the scar is bad, or that the ar is better, i just think that it is overpriced. I'd buy another scar if the price was lowered to around 1200-1500.

I really don't want to start a scar vs ar debate, this is a scar vs fs2000 thread and the scar wins.
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