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I had a 9 shot Taurus model 94 with a 3" barrel that was just as good as my S&W model 34. I wish I hadn't sold it. You might look at those. With all the bad press about Taurus I wouldn't buy one online. Go to the gunshow and inspect the gun in person. And if you don't know what to look for take someone with you who does.

I am guessing the 22 is for low recoil? Not too long ago I bought a J-Frame model 30 S&W in 32 long with a 2" barrel for just over $300. About $200 less the the above mentioned model 34 in 22lr. The 32 long has a little more recoil than a 22 but not a whole lot more. And loaded with wadcutter bullets should be more effective for SD.
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