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Since I stopped smoking a decade ago, I have been amazed at what I can smell now...... the stoners that think nobody knows they just hit up a bowl after work .... gasoline stink on my hands after filling up
Well dangit you're a regular bloodhound!

if I smelled Break Free at Super Saver, I'd assume somebody had a gun.
Or had been using it for a number of purposes. Heck they might have used it on a gun, but not have it on them!

Again if you can smell it beneath my deoderant, my general stank, and the fact is is beneath a shirt near my rear end, then my golly more power to you.

Edit: By the way my comments are in reference to the liquid, which isn't near as strong as the aerosol.
Guns don't kill people. Apes with guns kill people! - Robin Williams
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