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Cleaning .22s. How? I'm paranoid about scratching the bore

I have a .22 rifle. I also have a one piece cleaning pole thingy that I can screw attachments to.

I attach the cotton attachment to it, soaked in Hoppe's and run it down the bore. No problem. I leave it 10 mins then run the copper brush down there a few times. Let's say 6: 3 up and 3 down again. Not loads, anyway.

Then I try to wipe the bore clean of solvent.

I have cotton swabs that I use to clean/dry my bores. Normally, I feed one through the little eyelet attachment, but on the .22, the bore being so narrow, I have to tear a swab in half and feed that through and even that is a tight fit.

It hasn't been metal on metal yet but I really have to bush hard and I fear the thread will snap or something and score the bore.

How do you rid your bore of lead and solvent residue without risk??
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