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Stressfire, again, that is still putting cost ahead of survival.

All else being equal, I want the most reliable gun I own for SD.

Followed by accuracy.

I don't include power, because the wimpiest center fire handguns I own will handle .38+P, so all of them will work if good hits are achieved.

So, if my Les Baer and my CZ are equally reliable, but I get better first hits with the Baer on a regular basis, then the Baer is the preferred carry even if it cost $1200 more.

OTOH, if a less expensive gun is equally reliable and accurate, then I can worry about carrying the less expensive gun.

I won't handicap myself in any way out of concern for potential monetary loss.

Edit: Going back to the main point of the thread, my AR is not suppressed, but I realize that if I ever use it in an HD scenario, it could negatively impact some grand jurors or regular jurors, and it could bias some LEOs or DAs. Whether it should is immaterial; the fact is, it very well could.

I don't think I would ever get involved in a questionable shooting. However, some people have different biases, and I don't get to choose the responding officers, assigned detective, medical examiner, crime scene investigator, or prosecutor. Any one of those may have a very negative view of "assault weapons" in civilian hands.

That does not mean I would not use the AR, but it does mean I am aware of possible extra risks that could entail.

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