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Hopefully, I will soon see the effect of a proper .223 bullet on close range deer.
My 7 & 8 year old boys are going hunting for the first time this fall.
They will shoot from a blind and use a tri-pod.
Rife is a Windham SRC with Bushnell-TRS red-dot.
Shots will be restricted to 30 yards on broadside or slightly quartering deer.
Bullet is the 60 gr. Nosler Partition, chronographed @ 2,807 fps out of the 16'' barrel, my handload.
The .223 AR with recoil absorbing semi-auto action and adjustable stock was the best tool for the job.
Strive to always carry the gun you would carry on the "bad" side of town.
My carry philosophy is "Something is worth doing is worth doing right" not "Something is better than nothing".
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