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This guy's stance, his "clarifying" response, and the old Jim Zumbo fiasco all sound to me exactly like my left-leaning friends who claim to be "pro-gun", but limit that to 26"-barreled hunting shotguns (in nice, safe wood, not tactical plastic), revolvers, and semi-autos with 10-round magazines.

When I care enough to engage, I explain as best I can why that is the furthest thing away from being "pro-gun". In a way, it's much more dangerous and much more anti-gun. At least the full-on antis like Bloomberg and Feinstein are predictable. They hate guns. Don't like 'em. Wish people didn't have 'em.

But the folks who proudly talk about how they support the Second Amendment while constantly and quietly pushing for narrower definitions of what that support means are a plague from inside the shooting community itself. Much harder to combat.

IMHO, of course.
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