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Ok, we get it, yes a handgun is easier to carry and have with you all the time. I don't think the OP was asking about CC, maybe I'm wrong.

But let's be serious here, not all long guns are the same let alone if you throw SMG's into the mix. A gun can be too long to wield very effectively. That's a fact. But how long is too long varies with every person and every situation. But the one thing most handgun proponents seem to forget or ignore is that beyond anything but arm reach distances handguns are much harder to hit with especially under duress. Most over estimate their ability. They also seem to act as if they're clearing a house instead of huddling in a corner of their room with the PD on the phone. A good "short" long gun that points and aims naturally trumps a handgun in about any fight.

Sure there are situations that may break every rule. I can think of countless situations where having to use only one hand to shoot would be an advantage. But how many times do you see the military using handguns for clearing a building? What did the Seals use to take OBL? Not no stinkin handgun.

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