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Is There Any Possible Situation Where a Pistol is Superior to a Long Gun or SMG?

Not to start an argument (well maybe a little) the title, as above is kind of specific, butt stroking, and forward stabs, with barrel, are a bit of a stretch?

Some good posts here, the one major advantage I see.

You always have the pistol (well I do) so if it is all you have, it better be set up for gun fight (they do still happen) against a crew.

And long distance threats, they happen as well!

At 76, I have done all the boxing, street fighting I want to do. I was good at it too. The pistol can be a non verbal argument, presented were a confrontation (one you did not start) starts to go south!

It is so nice for an old Brit, from a Country that will put you in jail for defending yourself, to live in a State, that expects you to defend your self, and your family members. I am good at that too.
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