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I would guess since you stated you have an excessive understanding of the system without having tried it, pitched your own thoughts based on not having tried it, and then asked for peoples thoughts, that you asked for input beyond just those that have tried it.

Whether or not CAR has merits as a system, I think it has low potential to become widespread with the founder of the system being dead.
That was a bad choice of words, I had asked the questions I meant to before I was finished talking, and felt the need to redirect anyone who read back to the original intent of the thread, answering the question(s) I asked.

[Rant mode: on]

Look, I get that I may have offended or annoyed some people, But do you expect me not to take offense to Nanuk calling it "silly", which is a slightly nicer way of saying "stupid"? It seems a little like a double standard, if you ask me, which you won't, because I apparently cannot express my opinion.

[Rant mode: off]

Would whoever is a moderator for this forum close this please? It's beyond repair, and in the mean time I will consider finding a new place on the internet to stay.
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