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Hi, me again. I have been looking around the Internet, mostly youtube and Google searches, learning about a controversial, new-to-me shooting system, Center Axis Relock(C.A.R. for short.). From my somewhat excessive understanding of it, the system utilizes a unorthodox grip and stance to reduce recoil and possibly increase reload time and follow-up shots. The gun is canted any where from around 30 to 180 degrees, and the body is bladed towards the target, reducing the profile of the shooter, and apparently protecting the face. I have seen shooters accurately hitting out to 50 feet. I have even heard people saying the way the pistol is held makes pistol-punching and elbowing a really up-close threat a possibility.

More info on the system here.
Video documenting the grip itself here.

Anyway, my question is, has anyone tried this?
Did it feel any different than other stances?
Was recoil reduced?
Did you "adopt" the system for anything?
Et cetera.

I, personally, think this is going to eventually be my HD and maybe SD stance of choice, it works in vehicles, from cover, can be used with one hand, leaving the other free to open doors and stuff, makes reloads faster depending on the level of training, is fluid in the transition between stances, and allows for quick target acquisition and follow-up shots, which are all pretty important in a SD situation.

So, your thoughts?
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I would guess since you stated you have an excessive understanding of the system without having tried it, pitched your own thoughts based on not having tried it, and then asked for peoples thoughts, that you asked for input beyond just those that have tried it.

Whether or not CAR has merits as a system, I think it has low potential to become widespread with the founder of the system being dead.
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