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Gunnut17, you say this all because you've done what you claim it can do, or because you read it somewhere or saw some guy on YouTube?

You're asking for inputs from people who've been shooting for decades, and then talking down to us when you don't like our answers.

FWIW, 50ft being towards the outer limit for accuracy brings up two questions:

1) Why would anybody use this method on a target 50 feet away? and

2) Who thinks 50 feet is a long shot (with regard to difficulty from their normal stances)?
I did not ask for input, I asked if anyone had tried it. And how was I talking "down" on anyone? If you don't mind me asking.

1) Not many would be willing to, it is just that guys way of showing that it doesn't suck for any kind of accuracy, as Nanuk put it. Most think that CAR is only for really close range.

2) Not many do that either, it is still just a way of saying that CAR is good for something other than distances where you are sharing air with the other guy. And for a bunch of guys who may have expected the holes to be in the backstop, it was a long shot.
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