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Wow!! This is like being back in physics class!! thanks for the mini reloading glossary!!

If there is one constant with reloading it is that once you learn one thing, it reveals another 10 mysteries to be resolved!!

Well, I may try and go up to another charge to see if there is any great change. First, though, I may also drop the crimp from a half FCD turn to a quarter: Accuracy is not great, I must say.

I was really surprised by how accurate my little snub was with factory wadcutters. However, my reloads were less consistent. It could be my technique. So far I've shot this gun least, but given the results I've had before I think it is the ammo.

Also, being only 125gr bullet,the seating depth is quite small. Perhaps this is also has implications for accuracy?

PS cases are S&B. Mostly my own but also some scavenged from the range bucket!! I have no shame!!
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