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compared to most our home defense is pretty minor. We have neighbors that we trust and communicate with, I have motion lights in the obvious places good locks and solid doors, small(er) windows, and long hallways with lots of crap to run into if you don't know your way around. You're likely to make alot of noise rummaging around the house. Heck, the stairway to the kids room is darn near lethal in istelf for us that live there somedays...Stupid legos.

MOST of the crime in our area has been minor smash and grabs, but like everywhere else, bad guys are getting bolder and the drug scene has been getting worse too.

As far as defense goes - We have a Judge in our bedroom, the little one has a can of mace in her bedstand. The shotgun is kinda hidden in a central location if I really need to get to it, but the rest of the guns are locked away. If I ever need to get that far I live close enough to dispatch that PD "should' be there long before that's necessary
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