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Some of the black, caped dusters have snaps so that a warmer lining can be used. Would certainly be a good working winter coat. Wind and water proof.
I love those duster designs. I was looking at Australian drover dusters and they seem to have the style of the greatcoat with the sheer ruggedness of a motorcycle jacket. Some of the greatcoats the Civil War sutlers carry are also suitable for adding additional linings. That is perfect for my needs because I can adjust how many linings I need depending on the weather and what kind of work I am doing.

What I love most about the greatcoat is that it's design has not changed at all from the days of the Puritans, to Valley Forge, and to this day on the seat of a Harley traveling at 70 mph on a blustery day. If it worked in those brutal and vicious New England winters, and Valley Forge, it is gonna work today.

I heartily recommend an Edinburgh cape. I can put you in touch with an excellent bespoke tailor on Queen Street in Edinburgh if you wish.

I had one made from a Harris tweed in 1996 and it still serves every day (in winter, of course).

Expensive, but well worth it
Thanks, however, that cape does not really suit what I want though. If they build greatcoats and Australian-style drover longcoats, I will look into it. Send me an IM if they have these services.
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