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First off I'm glad you enjoyed the Clinic/Match, I just hope you learned something.

Second: You weren't the low score, I just checked again.

What everyone needs to understand, my clinics, CMP, High Power, Sniper, or any other venue I teach will not make you a good shooter.

What I hope to accomplish is give you the tools, referred to as Fundamentals of Marksmanship, that you can take home and practice, that practice, (Prefect Practice), that is what makes one a shooter.

One needs to take these fundamentals and build on them through practice and hard work.

I want to thank you for taking the time to drive up from FT CO to our Clinic/Match.

One thing I failed to do, and will do in my future classes is having the students fill out a critique sheet, offering suggestions where I can make my clinics better.

You can help a lot if you would let me know what I might have left out, or what I could have added to help other students in the future.
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