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For thse wanting to use slugs, I recently shot some frozen one gallon water jugs. Federal Magnum 3 inch 1 1/4 oz hollow point rifled slugs put a heck of a hole in the ice and penetrated about 2 inches. I also had Remington 3 inch Magnum 1 oz sabot hollow points. They are supposed to expand to twice their caliber. Well, they blew giant chunks out of the ice and broke the remainder of the ice in half. So, if over penetration is a concern I highly suggest to do some testing. I was actually wanting to use those Remingtons for deer, not anymore (too much damage will be done). And I'm sure they'd stop an intruder in their tracks, but I'm almost positive it will go through someone. Between the 2, the Federals seem to be a better suited round.
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