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Well, after several recent break-ins in my neighborhood, we almost got hit today while at work. My guess is our German shepard mix made whoever it was a little unsure about trying to come through the glass door on the deck even though our house is the most secluded on the street. Unfortunately, the next door neighbor wasn't as lucky and her door was kicked wide open (in the middle of the day and in plain view of several other homes) despite the deadbolt. She lost a lot of cash and jewelry but fortunately nobody got hurt. And we live in a nice, quiet rural neighborhood.

This event made me seriously think about my HD setup. I have outside motion sensor floodlights (big halogens) and as I mentioned before a stout four legged son. Even so, my Bushy M4 gery with Eotech and Surefire M300 scout will be locked and loaded with TAP 75's from now on and will remain secured but accessible in the bedroom. I would prefer my 870 but my wife can handle the AR much easier, and I travel quite a bit so that is a big concern.

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