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I live alone with the best little watchdog I've ever known! Jake never barks unless there is a very good reason. The boy has radar ears and he's so smart that he actually assesses the threat level outside. I get a graduated alert from head up, ears rotating like a radar dish, to a small "woof" to a full throttle hound dog bark. He is my first line of defense.

I have loaded and chambered 9mm's located in various parts of my small house and a 12 gauge 18" shotgun loaded with 00 buck hanging from a rack. We live out in a rural area where the LEO's are 30 minutes away.

Our road is a dead end and we have 26 homes with every homeowner armed. My neighbor is on vacation and his house is just as safe as if he had never left.

Our neighbors look out for each other! We all know each other, have an active Homeowners Association and we simply do NOT have crime here as there is one way in and one way out.....toes up!

As to the big, black SUV......bring 'em on! I have done nothing wrong and refuse to let them make me afraid. This is Texas and we're still free here.

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