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Busy time for Alan Gura at the 4th!

Orals in Lane have now been scheduled.

08/15/2012 48 CASE CALENDARED for oral argument. Date: 10/23/2012. Registration Time: 8:45 - 9:00. Daily Arguments Begin: 9:30. [11-1847] (JLC)

08/15/2012 49 ORAL ARGUMENT ACKNOWLEDGMENT by Appellants Michelle Lane, Second Amendment Foundation, inc., Amanda Welling and Matthew Welling. Counsel arguing: Alan Gura Opening argument time: 14 minutes Rebuttal argument time: 6 minutes [998916680] [11-1847] Alan Gura

08/15/2012 50 ORAL ARGUMENT ACKNOWLEDGMENT by Appellee W. Steven Flaherty. Counsel arguing: Earle Duncan Getchell, Jr. Answering argument time: To Be Determined [998916995] [11-1847] Earle Getchell
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