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One Springfield XD .40 subcompact with aa Crimson Trace Laser loaded with 9+1 Extreme Shock® in a dresser drawer 5 inches from my head. Included with the XD are two backup 12 rnd mags in a dual mag holder loaded with Hornady Critical Defense Rounds and a Maglite. On the opposing side is the miss's Ruger LC9 (both out of eyesight). The S&W.380 Bodyguard is on my person anytime I'm not showering, at home or otherwise. All of the other firearms are in the 56 gun safe a perp would have a fun time trying to escort off the property.

Admitidly the first line of defense is the 6yr old retired German Sheppard Lap Dog and the nice neighborhood I live in with a heavy police/government worker percentage (can see three differend pd cruisers from the driveway.)

Admitidly I used to have firearms "strategically located" throughout the house. To each their own but I wisened up and really didn't want to end up being shot with one of my own guns (most likely the PGO Mossberg 500 I had propped by the door. Everything in the safe could be easily accessed in a matter of 30 seconds should the zombie appocalypse arise (I usually keep key caliber rounds and several G22 and AK-47 mags loaded, and a 20 roundround bandolier of 12 guage Low Recoil LE buckshot within an arms reach of the safe, concealed by blankets so not advertised to a perp.)
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