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In my nightstand ... Springer 4-inch Loaded 1911, packed with Hornady Critical Defense rounds ... spare mag alongside, with a Surefire 9p and a SOG 3 1/2 inch fixed blade knife, serrated on one side, non-serrated on the other ... wife has a Kimber two-shot pepper spray gizmo in her nightstand ... also keep an old cell phone handy and charged ... even if it's no longer your live phone, you can call 911 on it ...

just my wife and I, so no need to try and clear the house ... we'd just hunker down in the bedroom and wait for the cavalry ... if somebody does break into the bedroom, hoping a few of those Hornadys will spoil his day ...

and my killer beagle Shiner to alert the neighborhood to our problems ... man, that dog is loud at 2 a.m. ...
"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants." Albert Camus

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