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Originally Posted by gaseousclay View Post
there is no defense against a Poltergeist
Lmfao I was going to say that!!

That's a whole other issue. I have a problem with that still..another one. But anyways...

Yeah...I usually grab the pistol too. Always. Only have the AR strapped across my shoulder when a hurricane is happening and when there's the notorious black out for a few days that follow a hurricane. I have night watch. Looters....

But normal night? I only leave one gun out. If I'm out searching I don't want some scallywag and his little buddies searching around. I have 3 door points of entry. If I'm lets say handling one sucker and the other comes through another entrance and sees my AR or another gun hanging out. Not good. Again not likely, but any chance I don't like taking. I don't. It's like why a civilian carries a gun. The most likely won't need it but that slim chance makes you do so.

I leave 1 gun out if I'm sleeping.

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